As a manager or human resources professional or executive learning the DISC language and to recognize behavioral styles can help you gain commitment & cooperation, quickly resolve and even prevent conflicts and gain endorsement from others. DISC allows us to "meet people" where they are while developing highly successful employees.

DISC measures the four primary dimensions of behavior and identifies an individuals:

  • Value to the organization,
  • Strengths and weaknesses,
  • Work characteristics, and
  • Communication style
  • Plus, our executive, management and sales profiles measure specific behavioral indicators --such as delegation, follow-through, prospecting and many more-- necessary for success in these specialized roles.


We proudly offer Success Insights DISC assessments from TTI Performance Systems, the world leader in personal and professional assessment tools. - the most thoroughly researched and most reliable DISC reports on the market. Each report provides detailed feedback about an individual's behavioral style -- a person's natural and adapted way of behaving in work and life situations.  (Read More About the TTI Advantage)

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Plus, we've completely automated the assessment process by making them available through the Internet.
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Our goal is to help both your company and your employees win. We've chosen to provide TTI assessments because they are time-tested and proven to provide solutions for today's business challenges with selection, satisfaction and development of a company's greatest asset - PEOPLE.

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If you need help deciding which tool is right for you or are interested in taking a free sample Email or call me for a free consultation. As a master certified coach, certified leader coach and master's level counselor with over 18 years of testing and employee assistance experience, I'm here to help!

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